Solid legal structures are the backbone of any company. We always have more than just the legal situation in mind. Our goal is to understand the current needs of our customers in order to jointly develop tailor-made solutions.


Whether in a company crisis or in growth phases: the company and its people shape each other. Our advice does not end with isolated solutions for individual problems. We understand the development of people and organizations as a long-term, holistic process.


Organizations grow through knowledge. Our offers with the compleneo Academy range from brief information sessions that provide a first overview of a topic to intensive executive development programs.</ P>

next generation law firm

Experienced entrepreneurs and executives know that even supposedly simple questions can often only be tackled with a holistic approach that respects the complexity and interconnectedness of our present day reality. Especially in a crisis situation and when designing corporate structures, legal consideration is only a first, albeit important, entry.

compleneo offers complementary advice to companies in complex situations. Our consultants support and accompany us from various perspectives, from the analysis of the legal situation to economic and fiscal aspects to questions of leadership and holistic organizational development..

next generation consulting

One-dimensional business consulting rarely meets today’s challenges. Economic analyzes, legal structures, strategic interventions, the introduction and expansion of IT infrastructures and personnel development measures influence each other and can only be successfully implemented if consultants and companies observe these interactions.

Our mutual understanding of consulting ensures the integration and coordination of the consulting process in your organization. Especially in special situations, such as a corporate crisis, our consulting approach proves its worth.


Restructuring Projects


Complex OD Processes



In a corporate crisis, we advise on the basis of our scientifically sound and pragmatic holistic crisis model. The aim is to restore your entrepreneurial freedom of action as quickly as possible.

Our view is not only focused on the current situation, but also on the time after the crisis. Together with the company, we develop restructuring concepts, compile reports in accordance with the requirements of the case law and the relevant standards (IDW S6) and are sparring partners of the restructuring team.

Complexity is our friend. We advise on corporate and real estate transactions of all sizes. Networked thinking is just as natural for us as the questioning of “questions nobody asks.”

We analyze the legal situation as well as economic details and make sure that tax requirements are met. Last but not least, we also ensure a pragmatic implementation management.

Social engagement is diverse and complex. We support you in the development of your goals, be it the founding of a foundation, the implementation of projects or the correct tax and legal treatment of issues.

We work for founders, boards of nonprofit organizations and associations as well as for companies that are socially involved As a Certified Foundation Consultant (DSA), we know the depths of the requirements to achieve our goals.

Our customers’ markets are characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. We can not counter these VUCA world challenges with conventional measures. It takes a rethink in the companies, from the management to every employee to the understanding of leadership and cooperation.

It needs a rethinking but also with the consultants! It needs other change designs and support to co-creatively make the necessary change. Take advantage of our interdisciplinary, complementary advice.

Constant personal development is a matter of course for us as well. As a company and personally. We are happy to share our knowledge in the compleneo Academy.
What drives us forward:

Our definition of successful advice

We have the goal to be able to call each of our completed consultations successful.

We achieve this through a trusting dialogue between ourselves and the customer, which strengthens the relationship and makes it sustainable. A satisfactory solution, which is implemented by the customer, is the goal of our consultation.

We work competently and creatively with our customers. We always want to surprise positively.

The satisfaction of the customer can be measured by positive feedback, but also by recommendation and further services to the customer in the future, if there is a need for it.

The way to the goal should also be fun for us. We want to grow with our customers in the tasks and experiences. We do not lose sight of interfaces to other topics, our own high demands and the workload of all involved.

Our compensation for a successful consultation is appropriate in relation to the values ​​created for and with the customer and our effort, knowledge and concrete contribution.

Anika Hertel

Anika Hertel

Attorney-at-law and tax advise 
Certified Foundation Consultant (DSA)

I structure complex legal and tax issues and have a look at the feasibility, efficiency and speed of implementation processes.

T: +49 531 224 32-13

Doreen Merle

Doreen Merle

Back Office and Contract Management

Capturing extensive facts for implementation in complex draft contracts is a key focus of my work. Commitment and responsibility for our customers are my motivation.

T: +49 531 224 32-11

Dr. Steffen Helbing

Dr. Steffen Helbing

Attorney-at-Law and Specialized Tax Lawyer Certified Foundation Consultant (DSA)

I am working at the interface between management consulting and legal advice. The integration of business planning with the analysis of the technical, structural, tax and legal framework makes complex situations manageable.

T: +49 531 224 32-10

Judith Grabowski

Judith Grabowski

Back Office and Project Management


For complex projects I am responsible for the control. I supervise the planning and organization of our seminar offers.

T: +49 531 224 32-14

Dr. Jens Quandte

Dr. Jens Quandte

Psychologist / Organizational Developer


As a business psychologist, supervisor, coach and systemic process facilitator, I work in change processes of people and companies. Where complexity is characterized by the cooperation of people, I bring a clear view into the complementary perspective.

T: +49 531 224 32-32

Kim Bruer

Kim Bruer

Back Office


I internalize your request and bring even complex projects through pragmatic implementation to their destination. Furthermore, the reliable coordination of our cooperation is one of my tasks.

T: +49 531 224 32-12

Peter Mnich

Peter Mnich

Risk- / Crisis Expert and Organizational Developer


As a risk and crisis manager as well as a systemic process companion, I am your partner for ensuring lasting resilient business operations.

T: +49 531 224 32-33